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How do you stop a Bootstrap accordion from closing all tabs

Summary This how to demonstrates how to stop  a Bootstrap accordion from closing all tab which leaves an empty space in your page which can cause unsightly resizing. The Problem The Bootstrap accordion  allows you to display information by having a series of tabs which can be clicked to display the information under them. When […]

Coding an HTML button that works on mobile and desktop ( touch and mouse)

Summary This howto demonstrates one method for getting a button to work on both mobile and desktop ( touch and mouse click) without using jQuery. it uses vanilla JavaScript and should work on most platforms. The Problem While coding a site I wanted a button to fire an event that hid some items on the […]

Fixing The 256 Character File Name Limit In windows 10 / 11

If a file refuses to open in a folder (e.g. PDF) or copying it in Windows Explorer causes Explorer to crash then the issue might be file length. Symptoms: Most versions of Microsoft Windows  since Windows 7 can handle a file path and name length of up to 256 characters. If a file name (including the […]

Convert MailDir Emails To Eml or Mbox Format

The Problem: I have a client who is trying to find emails that have gone missing. The mail server they have their emails on stores emails in an MailDir Email format, the format commonly used by Amivs / Postfix. My first thought was “How can I full text index MailDir emails”. Other than install new […]

Mount A VBox VDI Disk File With LVM Structure

The problem: A vbox virtual machine had failed to start. It was not recovering itself and was in an environment where the vbox image was being run headless. The data needed recovering so we needed to mount the vdi virtual disk file. Mounting The VDI Disk File The first step was to convert it to […]

Ubuntu 22.04.3 SSH Unable To Disable Password Authentication – Solved

The Problem ( Summary) Disabling ssh password authentication in sshd_config, no longer works. After disabling it you can still log into an Ubuntu server (22.04.3 in my case) using a password. There is a description of my process and a fix below. My Experience I’ve just installed Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. Set up SSH as I […]

Recover A Chrome Device Or Fix Issues

To enter recovery mode on a Chrome Device ( Chromebook, ChromeTablet, Chromebit) there are several options. Offical Devices: Chromebook: Press and hold Esc + Refresh , then press Power . Let go of Power. On some Chromebook models: Press and hold Esc + Maximize , then press Power. Let go of Power. When a message […]

Getting Child and Parent Categories For Custom Post Type (CPT) in WordPress

Jump to: Get CPT Parents   ||   Get CPT Children Summary I use CPTs a lot for WordPress as it can capture field data for a client making it easier to get pages easily laid out with information. One issue with this is working with Taxonomies / Categories becomes difficult as WordPress functions ( like get_categories) […]

Don’t Use Paypal – Increasingly Dysfunctional

I have held a Paypal business account for over 10 years. While the fees and charges have been eye watering at times it has been a place to make payments reasonably safely. This started to change a couple of years back. Recurring payments set up with no explicit warning the payments you are making through […]

Microsoft deceptive sales practices

Microsoft are engaging in deceptive sales practices, blatantly lying about the ability of hardware to run windows 10, in order to promote sales of their Surface hardware. This is illegal in NZ. its at least immoral everywhere else.