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Using Open Office Calc Macro To Find Last IP Address Parts

I had a simple problem to solve, I wanted to view lists of spammers and the IP addresses they came from in a pivot table. The problem is they often use multiple addresses in the same block. My pivot table in Open Office showed only one or two uses of each IP address yet there […]

A Guide To Using Xenus Link Sleuth For The First Time – How To

Xenu Link sleuth is an oldie but a goodie for Pc users who want to do basic check s on their site. It is free, simple and effective Here is how to use it for the first time. Step 1 – Download it here: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html Step 2 – Start it (obviously) And click ‘Check URL’ […]


Downloadable Simple SEO Writing Template And Hints

This is a copy of a hints and guided writing template I roughed up in Google docs. Page 1 – SEO Tips To Improve Your SEO Articles Read these tops and hints before starting a new page. Why? It’s good to be reminded of what is important before we write a blog, page or other […]

How To – How do You Write A Human Focused Page Title?

Why Are Page Titles Important? Titles have been a major influence of Google SEO since SEO first began and are an important part of a site’s SEO. Google uses Page URLS Domain Names Titles Meta Descriptions to decide what a page is about and draw keywords and search terms for users to find. It uses […]

IRedMail Server LetsEncrypt Certification Renewal Problem – Certbot

IRedMail Server Certification Renewal Problem I run an iRedmail server with iRedAdmin pro. we use LetsEncrypt certificates. There is a standard cronjob to renew the certificates. Unfortunately this failed and I ended up with an expired LetsEncrypt certificate. I then ran into a problem where I couldn’t automatically renew as the certs were expired. https […]

Have you been black listed by UCEPROTECTL3 – UCEProtect.net

I’m going to get my opinion out of the way right up front – do not use UCEPRotect ( http://www.uceprotect.net ) as part of your blacklist / anti spam protection process. Their business is unethical, their services incompetent and their processes deeply deeply flawed. Wow that’s quite an opinion right there. Why would I think […]

Installing VMWare Tools – The path “” is not valid path to the gcc binary

The issue of the gcc binary not being found has old answers when looked up in Google. The answers also offer a solution that is not suitable. This answer is for when installing VMWare tools on Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint Linux etc but the principles will be the same for RedHat, Debian, Suse CentOs etc – […]

.HTAccess Redirect to Maintenance Page

The following .htaccess code will allow you to set a 301 redirect on your site – using a set of ip addresses that can still log in. Ideal for fixing up things if there has been a hack or other issue. # MAINTENANCE-PAGE REDIRECT RewriteEngine on #add IP addresses that are allowed to access the […]

Contact Form 7 And Akismet With Styled forms

We use contact Form 7 forms for our contacts  and Akismet as our anti spam plug in. All our forms are styled with HTML to make them tidier and we also style the messages sent to clients via the forms. We found that when adding the Akismet fields to our forms errors / misconfiguration warnings […]

Covid-19 Lock Down Coping Strategy And Advice