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Welcome to Outsourced Information Technology Limited

This website has limited information as we are in the process of building a website.

At present this site acts as a book mark for our terms and conditions and some other links relevant to the business.

  • All Outsourced Information Technology Limiteds work, sales and correspondence is covered under our terms of service and privacy policies found at https://outsourcedit.co.nz/tandc .
  • Our online invoicing system is found at  https://books.zoho.com/portal/outsourcedinformationtechnolog and invoices, receipts and quotes can be accessed there.
  • All goods and services sold are covered under the Sale of Goods Act and the Consumer Guarantees Act of NZ and will be liable for GST where applicable.

Outsourced Information Technology (OIT) provides the following services:

  • Project Management
    • Small to medium sized projects including:
      • software development
      • wireless networking (short distance / long distance )
      • system upgrades
      • system installation
      • training
  • Onsite and Remote IT Support
    • Our clients use our services to keep their businesses running smoothly. We provide:
      • Server management (Microsoft / Linux)
      • Desktop support ( Microsoft / Apple / linux)
      • Mobile device support
      • Internet connectivity
      • Networking
      • Backup systems
  • Development Services
    • 20 plus years of commercial software development experience including
      • Lotus Notes
      • Microsoft Technologies (Visual Basic, VBA, Excel, MSAccess, SQL Server)
      • Open Sourced Technologies (PHP, MySQL, Javascript)
      • WordPress, Joomla, HTML, CSS
      • Bespoke systems integrating small and large data sets (>100k records)

So why don’t we have a flash website? We haven’t really needed one but decided to get one in place to make it simpler for clients to access information such as T & Cs, Invoicing systems and similar information. Our clients are found mostly by word of mouth and recommendation. We are more than happy to provide references if required.


Latest News:

After more than 10 years of using Paypal’s services we are leaving. Their increasingly dysfunctional site and horrific processes have become too much. Our reasons and experience are here: Dont Use Paypal. Increasingly Dysfunctional