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A Guide To Using Xenus Link Sleuth For The First Time – How To

Xenu Link sleuth is an oldie but a goodie for Pc users who want to do basic check s on their site. It is free, simple and effective Here is how to use it for the first time. Step 1 – Download it here: http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html Step 2 – Start it (obviously) And click ‘Check URL’ […]


Downloadable Simple SEO Writing Template And Hints

This is a copy of a hints and guided writing template I roughed up in Google docs. Page 1 – SEO Tips To Improve Your SEO Articles Read these tops and hints before starting a new page. Why? It’s good to be reminded of what is important before we write a blog, page or other […]

How To – How do You Write A Human Focused Page Title?

Why Are Page Titles Important? Titles have been a major influence of Google SEO since SEO first began and are an important part of a site’s SEO. Google uses Page URLS Domain Names Titles Meta Descriptions to decide what a page is about and draw keywords and search terms for users to find. It uses […]

IRedMail Server LetsEncrypt Certification Renewal Problem – Certbot

IRedMail Server Certification Renewal Problem I run an iRedmail server with iRedAdmin pro. we use LetsEncrypt certificates. There is a standard cronjob to renew the certificates. Unfortunately this failed and I ended up with an expired LetsEncrypt certificate. I then ran into a problem where I couldn’t automatically renew as the certs were expired. https […]

Have you been black listed by UCEPROTECTL3 – UCEProtect.net

I’m going to get my opinion out of the way right up front – do not use UCEPRotect ( http://www.uceprotect.net ) as part of your blacklist / anti spam protection process. Their business is unethical, their services incompetent and their processes deeply deeply flawed. Wow that’s quite an opinion right there. Why would I think […]