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A Guide To Using Xenus Link Sleuth For The First Time – How To

Xenu Link sleuth is an oldie but a goodie for Pc users who want to do basic check s on their site. It is free, simple and effective

Here is how to use it for the first time.

Step 1 – Download it here:


Step 2 – Start it (obviously) And click ‘Check URL’

Step 2 - Click Check URL

Step 3 – Enter the URL to check.

Use https:// or http:// at the beginning so you test the secure / insecure version you want to check

Step 3 - Enter The URL

Step 4 – The results start showing

Step 4 - The Results Start

Step 5 – The results are complete

Click ‘Yes’ you do want a report

Step 5 - The Results Complete

Step 6 – Click No – you don’t want a remote results check

This part is for geeks who love FTP, finding orphaned pages and doing other server based stuff. Its good to use – but if you don’t know what FTP is, how to access an FTP site etc – don’t use this.

Step 6 - The Results No Remote Check

Step 7 – The results page shows.

At the top are links to parts the report. They are handy to skip things you don’t want to know and get to what it is you need. For beginners the most useful ones (IMHO) are highlighted in yellow below.

    • Table of contents
    • Broken links, ordered by link
    • Broken links, ordered by page
    • List of redirected URLs
    • List of valid URLs you can submit to a search engine
    • Site Map of HTML pages with a Title
    • Broken page-local links
    • Orphan files
    • Statistics for managers

Step 7 - The Results Page

The summary at the end is a good summary of the number of issues (and successes) your site has.

All pages, by result type:

ok 183 URLs 44.31%
skip external 27 URLs 6.54%
temporarily overloaded 202 URLs 48.91%
not found 1 URLs 0.24%
Total 413 URLs 100.00%

Step 8 – Here are the page titles as will be seen on Google