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Contact Form 7 And Akismet With Styled forms

We use contact Form 7 forms for our contacts  and Akismet as our anti spam plug in. All our forms are styled with HTML to make them tidier and we also style the messages sent to clients via the forms. We found that when adding the Akismet fields to our forms errors / misconfiguration warnings […]

Covid-19 Lock Down Coping Strategy And Advice

Setting up an auto responder in SmarterMail

Auto-responder Users can set up auto-responders to automatically send a prewritten response when an email message is received. They are commonly used to notify senders that the recipient is out of the office or on vacation. To set up an auto-responder: 1 – Log into Smartermail ( https://mail.postbox.net.nz ) 2 – Click the settings icon. […]

Recursive Actions On Folders using BASH in Linux

Previously I posted how to reset file permissions recursively using Linux Bash / Command Line. Building on that is how to recursively remove files and folders using bash on a Linux box. find . -type d -name ‘folder_*_name’ -exec rm -r {} + Using find to find a folder (-type d) or a file (-type […]

Installing Apple Apps on old iOS

At home we use an old iPhone (version 4) as it is both green to use old stuff and not just throw it away, but it is also a lot less expensive if it gets stolen (school bags are not he most secure of places to have equipment). Recently Apple just messed up iTunes (again!!) […]

Reset permissions for files and folders in Linux / Bash

Three simple command lines to sort out folder and file permission and ownership issues in Linux. The reason for using two different commends for the files and folders is you don’t want executable bit set on files (unless you plan on running it) and folders don’t work well without it. To change all the directories […]

Configure Adobe Reader to go straight to your email program

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC has changed functionality around sending PDFs to email. Originally there was a button that sent the PDF directly to your email app. Now it opens an intermediary screen that asks if you want to send links, or private links, or URL. In short it is no longer one click but a […]

Reset Default File Permissions: Windows 7, Windows 10 – SubInACL

Fix default permissions on windows 7 or Windows 10 machines using SubInACL  and the script below. 1 – Download SubInACL.  https://www.microsoft.com/en-nz/download/details.aspx?id=23510   NOTE: Take note of where you save the installer. 2 – Create a file on your desktop using notepad. I called mine resetPerms.bat 3 – Put the following script in the file then save […]

Upgrade Apache Version 2.2.22 For Perfect HTTPS / SSL Score with Qualsys

Qualsys run an SSL / TLF Checker to enable you to audit your web server (Apache in this case) to check the SSL certificates and security are up to date and secure. Getting a perfect A or A plus is both difficult and easy. Here is how we did it. 1. Audit your web server […]

Moto G5 Phone – Set Up Voice Mail And Quick Dial

Moto G5’s are not easy to setup voice mail on as the web documentation nad internal instructions are sadly absent or lacking. Here is how to set up a long push of phone number 1 for a quick dial voice mail. 1. Tap on the dialer app (phone icon) 2. Tap on Menu (3 dots […]