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Getting Child and Parent Categories For Custom Post Type (CPT) in WordPress

Jump to: Get CPT Parents   ||   Get CPT Children Summary I use CPTs a lot for WordPress as it can capture field data for a client making it easier to get pages easily laid out with information. One issue with this is working with Taxonomies / Categories becomes difficult as WordPress functions ( like get_categories) […]

.HTAccess Redirect to Maintenance Page

The following .htaccess code will allow you to set a 301 redirect on your site – using a set of ip addresses that can still log in. Ideal for fixing up things if there has been a hack or other issue. # MAINTENANCE-PAGE REDIRECT RewriteEngine on #add IP addresses that are allowed to access the […]

Contact Form 7 And Akismet With Styled forms

We use contact Form 7 forms for our contacts  and Akismet as our anti spam plug in. All our forms are styled with HTML to make them tidier and we also style the messages sent to clients via the forms. We found that when adding the Akismet fields to our forms errors / misconfiguration warnings […]